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All your Water Well Needs

At DMI PUMP SERVICE we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available for service 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. Our goal is to be just as helpful in the field as we are answering your questions on the phone. We provide many services to help you with all your water well needs!

New Water Filtration Systems

You have hard water, smelly water, bad odors or brownish looking water? We can fix that!  Sometimes dealing with a bacteria in a well can be a burden, we can fix that! Getting sand in you washer machine??  We can fix that!  We can make well water drinkable again!!! Depending on your specific need we are here to help you.

Pump service Pump service Pump service

Service Calls

It's the same old story you’re having a big birthday party at your house and you go to use the water and no water comes out! Call us we are available seven days a week. The kind of service that helps our customers breathe a little easier knowing that we are one phone call away.  One thing we know that can make a customer’s upset is not answering your calls or showing up at the time they said. We try our very best to answer any call at any time. If we miss your call we will call you back. Your time is important to us so when we say we will be at 8:00 we will be there or call way before the time to advised you on the hold up. We service everything from small leaks to replacement of pumps.

New Well Installation

Just have a well drilled by a big drilling company! Now you’re looking for a system that can bring the water to your house or business. You came to the right place we are very competitive

Well Test

Are you looking to sell your home! looking to buy your dream home or need to added on  a room to your existing home for a new guest always important to check the amount the well produces so you know you have enough water supply to achieve the goals of your water usage

Back Flow Testing and Installation

ll water system provided by city water purveyor has to have a backflow device installed at the main water meter so you can protect from contaminates going back into the main water system we have a certified AWAA blackflow tester at are company

Water Witching/ Dousing

Just found the prefect piece of property to build your dream home on ,but ther is not a well on the property yet  call me I have been locating well site for 30 years

Storage Tanks

Need more water for your lawn or your orchard installing water storage can change the amount of water you can pump to your irrigation